viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Domain Name Importance In Search Rankings

Domain Name Importance In Search Rankings

Owning a domain name with a solid keyword base is highly beneficial when it comes to building a strong presence online and opening up the internet to a much wider audience. Choosing a fantastic name that people remember is a way to spread the word about your website much easier and reach customers you wouldn’t normally find. This is why so many businesses are willing to spend such a large part of their budget, trying to obtain and promote such a lucrative keyword rich domain name.

Selecting a strong keyword domain can be the most important aspect of getting any success with a website. To get a larger flow of traffic from the major search engines, owners of websites tend to opt for a keyword domain. By purchasing a domain that includes a keyword phrase that is searched for, almost ensures that the website is placed much higher in the search engines for the targeted keyword, and will benefit from larger amounts of traffics and more potential customers. Choosing whether to select a branded domain or a keyword domain is entirely dependent on your future business plans.

Just by following these few simple rules you can successfully increase the benefits of owning a keyword domain, better success with submissions in directories and improve overall keyword density on your website.

URL Structuring

Make sure you arrange the URL in such a way that the more important keywords are listed before those secondary keywords. For example if you are targeting the keyword ‘sweaters’ then you would maybe select as opposed to for better benefits.

Choosing the Correct Length

In most studies about search engine behaviour by the end user, indicates that a large number of people use two or more words in their search and so using phrases in your domain name can be very useful. Try to choose two or three keywords only that are separated by hyphens and don’t be tempted to add more. Having a lengthy and complex URL will be more difficult to submit to website directories and therefore diminish the chance of gaining important back-links.

Correct Spelling and Grammar

To have more success when submitting to website directories to improve link popularity, the URL you choose should be grammatically correct and contain no spelling errors. When being examined by a website directories editor having a domain name like sounds more legit than having and is more likely to be approved.

Adding Power Words To A Domain

To create a more noticeable domain name that is possibly still available, is to include another less important word to the domain structure. Words like now, top, just, goto, pro, guide, online or any other power words you can think of are great ways to enhance your domain name.

Never Include Popular Keyword Phrases

There is now of course more competition for keywords than ever before, so it is best to keep away from trying to use the most popular keyword phrases. You are living in dream land if you think a newly created website can rank for a popular phrase such as ‘online shopping’. The more well-known and established company websites will already have the huge advantage in link popularity and internet exposure.

Importance of using a .COM domain

When choosing a domain name, always choose one with a .COM extension at the end. These are much better for business websites and are more trustworthy than .RU or .ORG domain extensions. If things are getting desperate you could try and register the .NET domain, but only do this if you have no other choice.

Finally, taking the time to choose a proper keyword phrase is very important. This process can be one of the most essential decisions you will make in regards to the success or failure of your website. You must choose the exact keyword phrase people will use in the search engines to find your website. The more targeted this keyword phrase is, the more potential customers will visit your site that are interested in purchasing your product or service.