jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

How to distribute content to a wider audience

Digital Marketing today is incomplete without effective content marketing. As a business you need content to promote their services as never before. The best part is that many large and medium-sized companies are investing a lot of money on content marketing.

Companies, however, are struggling with doing their work for them content and are struggling with how they are promoting. I personally looked at many different content marketing campaigns and found that the quality of content in most cases is not the issue. The most important thing your content marketing strategy is lacking is distribution.

Creating quality content is not enough unless it is distributed to the right people and most companies do not realize that your target audience is, where they are and how to address them effectively to become rather irritated.

We know that creating content that attracts users is important; in order to learn more about it, check out this guide content marketing for Smart Insight. Now the question is how to distribute or share that content to the target audience.

There are plenty of ideas for the promotion of content that we can use to get the attention of the target audience, but before that here are some things you should know.

Which character is going?

In most cases you will have multiple characters for their business, but when you're creating content that you may or may not be targeting them. The best idea is to plunge back into the content and see which character content addresses: how old they are, what they like and more. Use this information to plan their promotional strategies accordingly. What is the use to share content on LinkedIn or other social media platforms when you do not have a specific person in mind?

Always make sure you target the right person, because if the public lands right on the website, they will be more likely to become in comparison to others.

What is your ultimate goal?

I agree that making more sales is what a company wants to end the day, but there are pieces of content marketing teams created especially for sales, and others are just for brand awareness. When promoting your content, make sure you know what your content is pointing and plan your advocacy strategy accordingly.

What is the life of your content?

This is also important. There are some parts of content that are great, but their life expectancy is very short, also known as seasonal content. Let's say you create a piece of content for Black Friday, regardless of the quality of the contents, the shelf life of the contents is limited to the event. Once the event is over, there will be little or completely useless for content. It is preferable to think about a general topic, but substantial that can cover over a longer period of time, whatever the case.

Diving and make sure it looks like your site. If it is evergreen content, try to think big and plan your promotional strategy over the course of weeks or months, but if the content is seasonal, in that case, plan your promotional strategy accordingly.

HOW distribute content for a wider audience

Now that you know what the content is and who the target audience is the time to use different tactics to promote content that appeal to a wider audience in quick time. 6 Then I recommend promotion tactics to promote contents are listed.

Note: SEO is a powerful channel, but as we are talking about getting the biggest audience faster, including SEO are not listed.

1. Scope Influencer

This is one of those phenomenal ideas that, if done well, you can get a lot of audience members not only read your stuff, but it will be more interested in what product or service you offer.

The idea is disclosure influential people within your industry, show the content and politely ask them if they can share in your social networking accounts or give any information in the comments section or more.

The reason this works so well is because it is here using the principle of authority. When they share their piece of content from their Twitter accounts, look at them and his followers eventually move its contents.

The reason that the content is more important than the others because it was shared and recommended by the authority figure in her eyes.

Just find the right within your niche, who are active and large in the next people. Once you have the list, reach them and convince them to share your content with others.

2. Paid Social

Paid Social

Today, mobile phones are the people checked first thing in the morning and if you look at the data of the main downloaded applications, social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter are among the first to use. This just shows that social media is where their audiences are most of the time, and it would be good to direct your content to these platforms.

The social networking platform may be different based on person, but people are connected online through social networks. In order to get targeted traffic quickly, he paid social works very well. The problem with social traffic is a good amount of traffic is not composed of mature buyers, so the idea is to try a couple of campaigns and see what works best channel for you the most and use that, Therefore rather than investing a lot of money on all social networks.

3. Social Organic

Organic Social

Social Organic is as important as paid. The idea is to share your content inside of circles and communities that you follow. The reason it's important is because if people in your circle as its content and share it within their own circles (and if this goes on), the ripple effect can create content to go viral and you can expect a lot leads, sales and traffic as a result.

Here are some of the ways to increase the impact of their social organic:

Hashtags - no matter what platform you use social, hashtags work everywhere. It is important to use relevant so that more and more people would be interested in what you are trying to put on, and so they can decide if they want to stay involved with it.
Mention experts who shared something in your site. If you have quotes from experts within your content, the idea is to use fragments to obtain more attention from the audience. When people see an authority figure has included feedback on the content, they are more likely to click on it and read it.

4. scope for links with similar content

This is similar to influencer outreach, but is not limited to only leaders and influential people in the industry. The idea is to see who has written similar content to yours and check their profiles link. You can do this easily by using tools such as SBI or Ahrefs.com.

Once you have the list of all people who have linked to similar content to yours, the next step is to find their emails (BuzzStream is a good choice here) and reach them. Chances are that this will not only give you more traffic, but will also give some additional links pointing to your site.

We use this idea much in our company blog and usually occupies our ranking of Web search engine and we get both search and referral traffic.

5. Turn your content into different media


If your original content is in text format, ideally to do it is turn it into PDF and videos and share them on websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Scribd and more.

This way you will be able to attract a very different audience to its content. Only YouTube has the most traffic after Google and sharing will not give you additional exposure and traffic that points back to the website.

6. Introduce Communities Content

Inbound Community

There are some great content communities where there is tons of traffic, and share their piece of content will not give you more traffic and conversions. There are some great communities Blog Engage, Bizsugar, Inbound.org (digital marketing), Triberr and more.

Competition in these web sites is difficult, but if your content is unique and can attract an audience, you can easily win the race and attract more traffic than you can imagine.

Final Reflections

Here are some ideas that I use when I promote my content in pay and social platforms. If you have more ideas for promoting content, please share with us in the comments section!