jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

How to optimize its mobile application for app stores

I was trying to download a photo editing application when I saw how many applications were available there. And then it made me wonder.

How do we know which one to choose?

With more than 2 million mobile applications in app stores, to be viewed and downloaded are the real challenges application developers are facing right now.

Yes, the competition is very high, that is why application developers should seek ways to be on top of the list. And that's what app store optimization is for.


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile applications in order to rank high in search results application store for a better chance of being downloaded. Like the goal of both SEO and CRO.

What is fun with ASO, and I think more difficult is the fact that the goal is not just to get traffic, but to get the real number and good facilities.

How to optimize your mobile application to App Stores?

So, to help with the optimization of their mobile applications, here are some things to keep in mind the review.

1. Keywords

Whether you are starting to build an application or available in app stores, have a list of target keywords is very important.

But do not try to guess what keywords to target.

To improve its position, it helps to know the actual keywords that users are looking for.

A tool as Straply definitely can guide you with that. Although still in beta, this may help to assess the competence of keywords and search volume for both iOS and Google.

ASO - Straply

You can also use keyword tools like Google Adwords Keyword and Keyword Tool Planner, which are typically used for SEO, for the reason that most users are still using search engines like Google and Bing to find applications.

Note: Keyword research is important to come up with a great title and description, but avoid keyword stuffing.

2. Title or Name App

Best of the editing application is that you can always change your title and keywords, which means you can optimize occasionally. However, it can also be a bad thing, and only going to complicate things when abused.

As your application begins to be discovered, and more people start recognizing and sharing application, change its title may give them a hard time finding you.

The best thing to do is get serious with your keyword research, and spend time understanding what your application is all.

Do not be afraid to try some titles and keywords but once you see significant increase traffic and downloads, then stick to that title.

3. Description

Description is another part that can be optimized and where you can put the best keywords that are relevant to the purpose of your application. But always remember that users are human, and the main reason why you are checking your description it is because you want to make sure that is exactly what they are looking for.

Point? Do not stuff with keywords.

4. Icon

While the title and description are very important parts of the ASO, icons are definitely the first thing users see, and one of the main reasons to click on your application.

ASO - Icon

Here are the best practices to create the application icon:

Keep it simple. Do not put too many items with your icon. You can choose the main character (if it's a game) or logo (if it comes to services or utility applications) to its parent.
Do not include words. An icon is supposed to be an identifier, you do not need to say dry. Always remember that an icon is a graphical representation of a word, idea, concept or operation.
Use soft colors for your background, because its main element should be the highlight.
5. Images

One thing I always notice with screenshots of applications' is the use of the logo or simple shooter in-app. That's boring!

Images are intended to show what its application is everything - real experience.

The real story.

If it is a utility application, you can display their tools or key features. For example, if it is a photo editing application, it will be great to include the exact filter, and how it looks. If it is a training tool, you can show exactly how it works.

ASO - Screenshot

If it is a game application, collect the most epic scenes, or the most exciting part of the game. By doing that you are giving your potential users a preview, which will help you better understand what your game is.

ASO - History

6. Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis, as with SEO, it can certainly help you get a better understanding of your competition. Analyze titles, descriptions, keywords, icons and screenshots of their competitors.

Then you ask yourself, "What are you doing that deal?"

You do not have to copy your style, you just need to know what keeps them from the top, so that you can apply the same strategies. You also need to get a gist of their weaknesses, so you can avoid them.

7. Category

You can choose from many categories or subcategories, but the truth is that it is never a wise thing to do.

The choice of the most appropriate category for your application is the best way to reach your target market, and to help users have a better idea of ​​what your application is for. Moreover, the choice of the appropriate category will give you a better chance of being in the section related or relevant to that category application.


While reviews are something that can not be controlled, the best you can do is read reviews of users or experiences with care. Learning from these assessments, and improve its implementation.

Take your time and answer all the criticisms, especially those with negative reactions.

9. Support through web page or social networks

As a user, I want to be sure that if I have a problem with the application you have downloaded, especially if it's a paid application, there is a customer support that can help me. That's why before downloading anything, always fixed me if a web site, email address or links to including social accounts.

ASO - Support

Although no ASO affects completely, it is human nature to seek the support page if things go wrong. Also, they have websites and social networking accounts can also help you not only with the customer, but a way to promote their application, and to share the latest developments.


We are living in a time when people are very dependent applications, tools and software. But with a lot of applications and tools available to us to download, competition is becoming ever more pronounced. And it is not enough that you have a great invention - it has to be discovered!

While ASO is very new and still being studied and tested, do it now will certainly help in the long term.

Have you tried ASO for mobile applications? Share your experience us commenting below!