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The Anatomy of a viral content

We all want to create content to be read and shared again and again. But with millions of content posted daily, and the enormous amount of information available online, it's hard to keep up with the competition.

All we can do is ask, "how can I get people to read what I write?"

The good news is there are ways to increase your chance of getting viral - I'm sure it's not necessary to treat all these in place, but there is nothing wrong with trying, and I'm pretty sure that following these suggestions over time grow your traffic and visibility.

Note: This article will show the anatomy of a viral content, more ways to help create a SEO-friendly content.

Let's start!


to. Use number

A study shows that holders driver with numbers generated 73% of the social action and commitment.

The reason behind the magic of numbers is because our brains are attracted to it. As he described how Debra Jason, "the numbers are brain candy."

Our brains are attracted by the numbers, and automatically organize information in a logical order. In marketing and advertising, your headline is an ad for your content. A small single digit, odd, like example 7, is as candy for organizational mind.
It is also interesting to know that the use of odd numbers is better than even numbers. According to page headlines of the Institute of Marketing odd numbers I had a 20% higher CTR than those with even numbers.

Note: Numbers such figures work better than the numbers as words. Yes, that's right! So the title "Improving our Linkbuilding process saved us $ 60,000 in four weeks" is better than "Improving our Linkbuilding process saved us sixty thousand US dollars in four weeks."

Here's another great example:

User adoption

b. Use brackets

I did not know that the media can be very helpful until I read Data Driven Strategies for writing efficient and Headlines titles. HubSpot blog received a 33% increase in average post views simply by using brackets in the title. Readers This is because support helps you see what's going to get even before you click. As readers, we prefer to have an idea of ​​what we are doing click.

c. Hold less than 70 characters

While there is nothing wrong with a long title, yet it was suggested to keep it at 70 characters, for reasons that Google will only show the first 70 characters in the SERPs, so users will not see the rest of his title - Pity !

And secondly, Twitter only allows 140 characters. It is best if you have characters left to add a comment or hashtags when you share your content.

2. URL

to. Use Short URL

There is nothing funny about long URLs. But this is my opinion, there are valid reasons why you need to keep your URLs short.

URLs short not only fit into the social media messages, but also SEO-friendly because it allows only contain your target keyword.

While Google or Bing can process both long URLs, it is best to keep it short for usability and user experience.

b. Use descriptive URL

I truly believe that there is need for a thorough analysis to understand why more people click on seo-hacker.com/post?id478!33 seo-hacker.com/link-building.

The purpose of a URL is to give your audience a brief summary of what your message is, and the opportunity to prove that you're credible. Trusted domains using descriptive URL. Therefore, if you really want to look credible, start adding life to your URL.

c. Avoid empty words

For a SEO-friendly URLs, it is best to remove all empty words. Use this list of all stop words to know which one to avoid, or simply install SEO plugins like slugs to automatically remove stop words.


to. Put a colorful picture on the cover

You only have 1.5 seconds to convince your readers to stay on your blog. When you put a colorful picture on the cover, it gives you 1.5 seconds to prove that his job is convincing enough to be read.

Dwell time

Why colors? Because 80% of people most likely to read a post with colorful images.

But, of course, not disappoint his readers to put color images with low quality content. Your image should always reflect what your article is really.

b. Avoid stock photos

I have seen many blogs still using archival photographs, and that bothers me, because most of them do have great content, but I'm pretty sure you are missing a lot of traffic and actions only by the images used .

I mean, we're tired of business handshake in excess, or of-this-way-to abstraction street sign stock photos. We want pictures that are pleasing to the eye.

The image quality plays an important role in the marketing of our content actually content with images pro received 121% more shares of that stock or semi Facebook photos.

c. Use main Photo

Here's a great point Brian Dean. Including a featured picture ensures that their social actions also has an image, and social actions with pictures get more retweets 150%, and 53% more likes on Facebook. Simple as that.


to. Create long form content

In MozCon 2015, Matthew Brown said that although it is believed that 350-500 word articles are more reads, long-form content that is well written is more attractive.

It is when a good topic arises, and write a compelling and interesting way. No matter how long the content is, it is essential for readers to spend more time on your page.

b. Use brief introduction

You know that people only read 28% of a blog? Yes, that's right. And that's also why you need to make the best and most concise introduction that you can never do if you want to engage your readers.

Now that does not mean you need to do it soon to the point that people can not understand what you're trying to say. Just be simple and try to use short sentences, but at the same time, ensure that it still offers the true message.

c. Try to post rodeo (influencers mention)

I've written quite a lot of posts and rodeo, and I can say it's very effective.


Not only because we like to read articles with credible people mentioned, but also because when a post is created rodeo and let those influential people know, the more likely they are to share, and his followers will read and share too.

In an article by Brian Lang, published in YouMoz blog, he explained the benefits of carrying out a raid and how one of its experts round off messages received over 1,000 social action in just three days.

d. Storytelling

I love the blog Groove So, not only because the contents are written well, but also because Alex loves to tell stories, stories about your team, and how they are as a remote computer. We love stories, it is natural that we are convinced that ideas are shared came from real events.

And that's what we're doing with Hacker SEO. Occasionally, we share stories about our company, even shared our processes, and how we succeed with every challenge we face as a team. These are facts that people can relate to, and people find it easier to share something when they can relate to it.

Linkbuilding 60K

Be careful though, the stories must be not used for the sake of entertainment, but to educate and value.

e. Keep your content (content evergreen)

In my last article, I mentioned the importance of updating the content. Now you may ask how to help with viral update.

Simple, keeping evergreen content that is current and relevant, you get tons of views and actions.

A great example is the free SEO Moz guide for beginners who are still getting a lot of downloads - to update the guide every month. The point is, as long as readers find relevant content, Google will also find relevant, and will reward you by putting you in the first place. When you are in the first place, it is likely that you will be viral long.

f. Keep sharing buttons up top

Social sharing up top

Social buttons should be visible on your site. If your goal is to get more actions, you have to make it easy for your readers to share your content. While it is okay to place their social sharing buttons after entry, the best place on the lid to prevent displacement and users looking for it - as it could end up frustrated.


It is very difficult to create something to be viral - some believe it is luck, but the truth is that there are specific elements that should be applied only to let people know they exist and have something great to offer.

Over to you!

Have you been using these forms already suggested? If not, maybe you're thinking about trying one for now? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below!